How Lifeworks can help

Personal Confidence and Growth

Nurture the individual.

I’m sure no one would disagree that your employees are the key to unlocking the potential and success of your business.  Everyone comes with a great set of unique skills, ones you’ll have identified as right for your business.  Unlocking and developing these skills so they can be used to enhance your business is key. At Lifeworks we are passionate about working with you to do just that.

We have a unique, interactive and fun package that will enable your employees to identify and be their best self. Through the programme they will:

  • Understand their unique communication and work style and how to use it effectively
  • Identify their ’brand’ and goals and align them with the business
  • Enhance their understanding of others and work with the people they may not gel with
  • Communicate confidently and effectively to impress you and your clients
  • Set goals and put plans in place to execute them

So enhancing personal growth and confidence to deliver you outstanding results

We have a flexible approach and can deliver this package to a group or individually, in a block or spread over a few weeks to suit your business. To find out more email or better still call me on 07967 226492

Lifeworks Consulting

Personal and Team Communication

Communication, we do it all the time; by phone, face to face, with individuals, in a team, by email, text, Instagram, Twitter, letters (well maybe not often), in blogs, articles, videos, vlogs(not yet but one day). The question is do we do it well? Does our message come across, do we even know what the message is?  So there a lot of it going on and it’s not all good!! Delivering better results and having better working relations needs effective communication.

We all talk, we can all hear but can we listen? So, it’s no wonder in a team environment the results can be chaos.   Do the best ideas get heard? Are they even vocalised sometimes? Is the loudest necessarily the most passionate? Is the quietest really disengaged? We believe effective personal and team communication is key we will work with you to:

  • Identify personal communication styles - their pros and cons
  • Adapt communication styles to get the best from others
  • Listen effectively and respond appropriately
  • Give and take effective feedback
  • Have open and honest dialogue to deliver better results

Team Effectiveness

We all want to belong. To be part of something bigger. To be accepted and valued for our contribution. Work teams are a great place for that to happen. A great team is supportive, understanding, listens and importantly produces great results. We have all been part of one of those teams and when its ‘in the flow’ it’s a powerful place to be.  Getting to the point of being ‘in the flow’ isn’t easy though it takes time and work and staying there takes even more. At Lifeworks we have some great sessions to enhance ‘Team’ - we can work with you to:

  • Identify your teams’ natural style and tendencies (need something to say and overcome weaknesses)
  • Engage new members to find their unique role
  • Deal with, adapt to and embrace change
  • Communicate more effectively especially under stress
  • Align vision and goals and deliver great results
  • Have great open honest communication
  • Have fun, stay focussed and achieve together
  • Deliver great results for customers

"TEAMWORK, coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress,
working together is success’' Henry Ford

Developing Great Managers and Leaders

A lot of people can manage but can everyone lead? Managers and leaders are key to the success of your business. Often someone becomes a manager but has no training and is a little unsure what to do, how they fit in and how to deal with problems that come up.  The leadership qualities they showed can disappear as they focus on results, process and just fitting everything in. At Lifeworks we can help, we can work with you and them to:

  • Identify their role as a manager and/or leader
  • Identify their strengths, communication style and use it to be their best self
  • Adapt and change to meet the needs of their team and the business
  • Align their goals with that of the team and business and achieve them
  • Deal with challenging behaviour obtaining positive results
  • Develop open, honest and consistent communication
  • Develop their team to deliver great results
  • Retain great people through engagement

My passion is working with individuals and teams to achieve their potential, helping unlock their talents, working with you to understand yourself and others better to achieve great results that will make you proud.