We are all different

At Lifeworks everything we do is underpinned by understanding and celebrating that we are all different. Everyone has behaviour preferences and traits that influence our communication style and how we interact with others and ultimately read the world.

Understanding these behaviour and communication traits is fundamental to improving and fostering great working relationships and high performing teams.

That’s why at Lifeworks we use Insights Discovery as our preferred go-to tool. Insights is a market leader, has accessible language and graphics that will help you and your employees understand the nuances of different behaviour and communication preferences.  Working with the model opens up lines of communication  and business options. In short, it’s a real gift:

Insights Partner

A gift for employees

Receiving their comprehensive Insights Discovery profile truly is a gift for employees. It makes them feel valued and matched up with development sessions to cement the learning is a real foundation for growth.

Insights Cards

How one delegate found Insights helped in their strive for personal development

"I always want to challenge myself and find new ways to improve, both from a skills perspective and mental perspective. Insights have allowed me to do this, as after being assessed, I received a detailed report on my character traits which were scarily accurate! This has allowed me to identify what I need to improve in regards to my own personal development, but also in the wider context of a team and ways in which I can improve as a member within it. I highly recommend Insights to get the most out of your potential"

A gift for Teams

A team who have their Insights discovery profiles and Team wheels is a team empowered with knowledge about not only their behaviour and communication style but that of their team members, the common knowledge and language makes it easy and fun for them to develop stronger and better communication to get the most from each team member and so drive better results.

Insights Circle

A gift for the business

Once your business is familiar with Insights Discovery everyone is able to work and communicate more effectively. The skills and abilities of individuals are enhanced and everyone knows where potential strengths and weaknesses lie in the team. This knowledge is very powerful when decision making, planning, undergoing change and developing business strategy. We can help you run supported sessions in any of these areas to get the most from your Insights knowledge.

Virtual Delivery

Whilst the majority of our Insights Discovery and team  sessions were run in the traditional manner at your premises or in a ‘live’ training environment as changes to our working environment and conditions have changed so have we. We can therefore offer 100% of our session by virtual delivery click the image on the left to find out more about some of the Virtual Insights sessions we are delivering.

Find out more

To find out more, download the Insights Fact Sheet (click the image on the right to download) or contact us to find our how we can help you.