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Oct 15 2020

Change it just keeps on coming ….

Change it just keeps coming. Boy never has that phrase been more relevant?! I first came across the phrase when watching a video(yes it was a video at the time) ...
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Oct 7 2020

The real benefits of psychometric profiling for your team

Psychometric profiling for your team can help with the benefits  and problems  of diversity of thinking I don’t know about you but I have always found that the major benefit ...
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Sep 7 2020

People buy people – that means getting your personal branding right!

People Buy People! Your personal brand is all about you and because people buy people( yes its a  much used phrase, its been around for ages -  there's a reason ...
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Jun 26 2020

Is your team ‘wearing a mask’?

Is your team 'wearing a mask'? So you're are at the point of (if we haven't already started that move) getting the team back together. It may be in a ...
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Mar 24 2020

Conquering working from home

A lot of us are finding ourselves in the position of being based at home. For most of us this is a new experience so just how do you go ...
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Mar 10 2020

Do you really say what you mean?

How often do you really say what you mean? Recently I came across this image on Linked In and instantly recognised its brilliance. The image  sums  up that  a large ...
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Jan 27 2020

Leaders or managers which are you developing?

Leaders or managers the recurring discussion: I'm often asked to deliver a management training programme and then the conversation is regularly  spattered with references to leadership qualities. Now the two ...
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What do you really really want?

Nov 19 2019

Teamwork what do we really really want

Nearly everyone I talk to agrees that Teamwork is high on their priorities of a must have at work whether that’s a new employee, a long standing colleague, a team ...
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Oct 29 2019

The Alternative (and inclusive) works Christmas Party…..… no hangovers!

They call it the crazy season. Its that time of year when as a business owner you will be pulling out the company credit card and allocating man hours to ...
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Apr 9 2019

Are your Goals on track?

As 2018 fades into the distance and most of us are just coming out of the end of our first quarter of 2019. Now is the time to review are ...
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