Are your Goals on track?

As 2018 fades into the distance and most of us are just coming out of the end of our first quarter of 2019. Now is the time to review are your goals on track ? I hope the start to this years has been mostly great by the way? No matter how good it has or hasn’t been now is the best time to sit down and review your goals for the rest of the year. I’m sure you are all ready with your spreadsheets, ratios, Gantt charts and commitments ready to look at which you can tick off as success, which just need a tweak and which have failed (maybe they just weren’t the right goals in the first place?). Do you remember when you were setting those goals? What did you definitely want to do differently this year? Which great opportunities were you going to seize?

Setting the goals is the easy part…

For most of us setting goals is easy, starting on the right road to achieve them also easy making sure your goals are on track is the hard bit! Then ‘stuff’ starts to happen and maybe our focus drops, or self doubt about our goals being the right ones in the first place sets in? Then there’s that internal dialogue and rationalising about why it’s ok to change path (what we really mean is let ourselves off). So how can you change that? Stop making goals and promises to yourself that you break? I believe it’s making sure the goal fits in the first place. Will this goal move you forward? Is it important enough for you to emotionally invest in it? How robust is it, can you think of ways to stop yourself going round, under or over to avoid delivering the goal? Is this goal really driving you towards something you value?

Align your goals,vision  and your values ….

That may be the crux because if you don’t personally value the goal, see how you will benefit whether that’s emotionally, physically or financially then why the hell is it your goal? Maybe it belongs to someone else. Maybe they should have it as their goal. I really believe that setting the right goals in the first place is key to achieving them. It doesn’t matter then how hard it is, how early you have to get up, how long you have to train, how much you have to learn. If your passion for that outcome is there you will do it!
So whether it’s you who’s setting goals or your team, it is key to make sure that whoever owns the goal ‘owns’ the goal. It has to be their passion, belief, desire. Getting that buy-in and desire depends on really clear communication of where the bus is heading and importantly what’s in it for those on the journey. Don’t assume they know the route. Mark it out for them, share the vision and help them understand their part in the journey. If everyone’s goals are heading in the same direction, albeit with different motivators to get there you will have a greater chance of achieving what you set out to do. Its also likely that your team will want to share their goals with you. So as you head into the next quarter of 2019 and review your goals don’t forget to include the “why you are doing them”. Use that as the compass and enjoy the journey!

If you would like to have some help visioning and setting the right goals and making sure your goals are on track with your team Id love to hear from you

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