About Lifeworks Consulting

My vision at Lifeworks is to help businesses Evolve Through Dialogue. My passion is to work with businesses who share my belief that the potential of their business can be unlocked through effective communication. I will work with you at Management Team, Business Teams and Individual level to enable honest open communication of ideas, strategies and solutions to help ensure business objectives are surpassed, teams deliver on outcomes and individuals perform to their full potential.

How do I know I can do that? I have 30 years experience in the recruitment industry (tough gig) dealing with a diverse portfolio of clients. This has led me to have a strong understanding of the challenges businesses have once they have hired their shiny new recruit. Over the last 10/15 years, the majority of my time as Operations Director was spent recruiting, training and developing my own staff and working with them to build strong teams and ultimately smash targets. My passion for unlocking individuals potential, helping them grow and working with teams to ensure they made the most of their opportunities and colleagues was my reason for starting Lifeworks. I aim to ensure that Lifeworks helps its clients do the same .

Lifeworks specialises in working with SME's to improve:


Team Effectiveness


Personal and Team Communication


Personal Confidence & Growth

I am a big believer in starting by understanding yourself and developing this to an understanding of how others work. Thus improving understanding and communication between individuals and teams, ensuring better results, lower staff turnover, engaged employees and teams and ultimately stronger businesses. Oh yes, not forgetting more profit! Lets Talk!

Susan Lifeworks

Susan Tracey

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"I've known and worked with Susan for almost 20 years. During this time she has helped develop my skills as well as my team's skills. She is an upbeat and supportive trainer who will really challenge you to enable you to grow."