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with SMEs to improve:


Team Effectiveness


Personal and Team Communication


Personal Confidence & Growth

Everything we do at Lifeworks is aimed at improving understanding on an individual, team and business level to allow people to work together more effectively to deliver great outcomes for your business.

Investment in your people is key not only to delivering short term results but more importantly to delivering long term stretching goals. By investing in the personal development of your team members helping them improve their understanding of themselves whilst developing key interpersonal and confidence skills will ensure they are not only in work but engaged and giving 100%. Thus, improving retention and engagement.

Investing in the Team will only cement this, it’s important for individuals to feel they fit in and belong so working with them as a team will do this, it will allow them to “show up” as individuals, whilst understanding their team mates and learning to adapt to them. It’s no surprise that companies who invest in team training and building have higher retention and go on to deliver stronger profits.


As well as offering 121 coaching, single session and bespoke training I run a suite  of 5 day  programmes which I refer to as Butterfly Effect programmes. In designing the programmes I have taken my inspiration from the butterfly. Like the butterfly (which goes through 5 amazing stages of metamorphose from pupa to adult, growing and adapting at each stage) each session of my 5 stage programme takes delegates on a journey from ‘pupa to butterfly’

So, whether you are looking to invest in sales skills, management skills, team building, team effectiveness, change management, strategy development the stages are the same: 

  • Understand Self (own situation, where you are now)
  • Understand others (their strengths, positions and challenges)
  • Adapt (gain the most from the situation and those involved in it including team, customers, clients)
  • Review practices (perfection and world domination doesn’t happen overnight)
  • Excel and Fly (armed with new and polished knowledge of self and others. The world is your flower bed)! 

Some of my most popular 5 stage Butterfly Effect programmes include:


Management Development


Sales effectiveness


Team effectiveness


Personal Effectiveness

“The programme was inspiring and connected me to my values on a deeper level. I feel empowered with the techniques to get the very best from both myself and others and confident to be able to both lead and engage a diverse team. I have an enhanced self-awareness and the high performance goal setting tips have allowed me to push myself to achieve my full potential both professionally and personally.”

G.C June 2020

Discovery Insights

At Lifeworks we are delighted to be able to offer our clients the Insights Discovery psychometric profiling. This personality, preference based psychometric gives your employees an individual report explaining their work strengths and areas for development. It even has a ‘sales chapter’ which highlights strengths and areas for development in the 6 key stages of the sales process.  We use Insights as the ‘glue’ for our sessions. It gives your employees a common language and understanding of behaviours which they can then use in their development journey as an individual and as part of a team.

Insights has its roots in Jungian psychology and is well established and validated so you can be sure you are working with a tried, tested and well-loved model. We can deliver the Insights Discovery as a standalone product or as part of personal or a team development programmes.

Insights is fun, accessible and a perfect tool to offer as part of your benefits or onboarding package.

TEAMS are a phenomenal force when they work well together – understanding each other and adapting will ensure they perform to deliver remarkable results consistently.

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